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As a homeowner or property owner, you already know that rain storms, snow and ice can wreak havoc on your trees. Wind damage causes large branches to become dislodged. Snow and ice weigh down large and small branches until they begin to crack. This can be extremely dangerous, especially if the branch is large and falls. Branches can seriously injure people and destroy your property. This is why it’s important to just follow a few simple tips and procedures NYC Tree Trimming & Removal Corp. have always asked our customers to utilize.

1) Take a quick stroll around your property, yard, and any area where you have trees.

2) Carefully scan your tree branches.

3) Even the untrained eye can catch any branches that may seem out of place or look as if they’re about to fall.

4) Canvass Large and Small trees-falling branches can be dangerous from either.

5) If you see any leaning branches or anything that might look out of place, call us immediately. Attempting to remove tree branches yourself is never recommended.