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“I own some residential properties over on the UWS, we had some crazy snow storm that lasted 2 or 3 days and I guess all the weight from the snow brought down a few trees and sent a couple of large branches flying onto the sidewalk outside of my buildings. Very stressgul time even though no one was injured. Thankfully, I was able to avoid crazy NYC fines and penalties because NYC Tree Trimming & Removal Corp got there within 2 hours of my calling them….”
– Brandon, Upper West Side of Manhattan, NY


I was referred to NYC Tree Trimming by a friend. I was nervous at first, but to be honest, after they came and went. I was very happy! I had an issue with a neighbor (my tree’s branches were growing into their bedroom window), NYC Tree Trimming & Removal came by, did acrobatics in my trees, and problem solved, it was like, “voila”!
– Rachel, West Village of Manhattan, NY

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